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Wondering how a new business model is going to grow your business?

Let me ask you this: can you think of any competitor’s that are threatening your business right now? Is it because they offer better price and value?

Or think about this: how is technology affecting your industry? Are customers’ demands changing as a result? How are you keeping up?

Business-as-usual isn’t going to cut it.

If you haven’t updated your business plan in a while, it’s likely you’re behind your competition. Changing customers, rising costs, and advancements in technology could all put you out of business.

The way customers find your business has changed.

Before innovative changes in business and technology, getting customers into your store to buy products was simple. Your “business-as-usual” probably looked something like this:


But that’s not how customers buy products anymore.

Today, customers search the internet before even leaving their homes. They pick the store that best offers what they’re looking for. And they share the deals and great values with their friends. It looks something like this:


Before your potential customers even think about coming into your store, or calling you, they’re searching online to see who offers the best value for their buck. Your competitors know this. That’s why they have an online store, offer mobile ordering, and keep the hottest items in stock.

What if you aren’t doing all those things?

Well, your customer passes you up, in favor of one of your competitors. You lose out on revenue; and if this goes on long enough, you’ll be out of business.

You can avoid this problem with a new business model.

Check out this scenario: You’ve owned a coffeeshop for the past 5 years. 4 of those 5 years, your sales grew; but in the last year, they’ve slowed, and you’re worried you’re not going to make a profit this year.

You look at the data and you notice you’ve slumped during your peak period, 7am-9am. It’s 3pm, one of your regulars who hasn’t come in for awhile, stops by. You ask them why they haven’t been coming as often. They tell you it’s because the corporate-chain coffee shop down the street offers mobile ordering and pickup, saving them time each morning.

Our experts will work with you and your team, in our Business Model Strategy Sessions, to identify your competitive advantages and disadvantages and help you create a new plan.

Using the example from above, a new business model for this coffeeshop would include creating new sales channels, offering incentives for ordering ahead, and improving speed of service. It would look something like this:

Final Infographic.png

We’re here to help you win.

We help our clients find freedom from “business-as-usual” to build a business model that will help their company grow and succeed.

You can take the next step toward growing your business by booking a no obligation, free 30-minute business health assessment. We’ll discuss where your business is now and chart out some steps to take your business from stagnate to growing.

We are strategy consultants

Calibrate helps small and medium businesses plan and strategize for the future. We primarily serve:

  • Restaurants, Quick Service Eateries, Cafes, and others in the Food Service Industry

  • General Contractors, Landscapers, and others in the Home Service Industry

  • Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, and others in the Financial Service Industry

  • Others with small to medium businesses in highly competitive fields

We’ll guide you through a time-tested process, to help you grow your business.

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Why wait? Get started on your journey to business growth today.