30 Minute Business Model Health Assessment - FREE

Many business models were created as an after thought to finish a business plan. Sound familiar? We get it. Business models, however, can be powerful tools to equip sales reps. and customer-centric employees, help you expand your reach, and ultimately grow your business.

During this 30-minute evaluation, we’ll guide you through a Business Model Health Assessment to determine how effective your current model is. We’ll then discuss helpful steps you can take to improve your company’s performance and provide you with a summary report.


Business Model Strategy Sessions - $3,000 $1,500

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The business landscape is changing and it’s important that your business model changes with it. As new technology and companies emerge, customers preferences and expectations change. It’s time your business changed with them.

Our Business Model Strategy Sessions are designed for business owners and executives who want to update their business models and secure their businesses place in the future. We’ll guide you through two sessions. In the first, we’ll identify 9 key building blocks used to develop an effective business model. In the second, we’ll actually build your model and chart out next steps.


Logo and Brand Kit - $499*

It’s time your customers experienced a unified brand across all your company’s platforms. With this kit, we’ll design you a new logo (or update your current one), identify an accompanying color palette and font kit, and provide a comprehensive brand guide to keep your brand on point. You’ll get a pack of logo files for use everywhere online and in print.

You’ll also gain access to an online store, specific to your brand, where you can create (for free) and print, a variety of branded marketing materials and have them shipped directly to you.


Workflow Automation Planning & Implementation

Are you struggling to turn new leads into closed deals? Our workflow automation focuses on capturing leads and guiding their journey with you to turn them into paying customers.

This service is particularly useful for real estate agents and sales reps. We’ll help you curate automated content for specific customer segments and build automated systems for repetitive tasks, to help you focus on closing the deal.


Event Planning and Execution

Do you have the space to do events but don’t have the time to plan them? We’ll take care of it. Our events can grow your sales by creating new revenue streams and drawing larger crowds to your venue.

We match your venue with the right kind of event, for maximum success. From concerts and comedy nights to festivals and conferences, we can help grow your sales.


Restaurant Operating Procedures & Training

Want to increase profits by being more efficient? Our specialists will guide you through a three phase process to develop Standard Operating Procedures, Daily Operation Task Management Systems, and a Training Program designed to save you money on food costs, labor, and inefficiency.

You don’t always need to increase revenue to increase profits.